I don’t know if you share my dream?

A home with a kitchen large enough to take a dining table that 14 friends can sit around to share food, stories and laughter.

Rustic and cluttered in the areas where that’s appropriate.

Clean lines and simplicicity where that’s called for.

A funky li’l kitchen.

Simple food, prepare well and touched by hands that are clean and infused with a love of food that goes way beyond survival.

Light is important too. I was at a friends wedding reception recently, held in a delightfully lit venue that almost appeared to shine, brightly.

The piano player in the corner added to the mood (I’ll have on of thos in my kitchen too please) but I’ll vote for bright over dull any time.

So, fancy coming back to my place for some food

I’ve got a funky li’ll kitchen that I’m sure you’ll love